About Us

One of the tuff tasks is to introduce one’ s own self without exaggeration - allow me to take this liberty.


Edumind solutions is my "Brain-Child".  The concept was developed during years 2003-2006. Before putting the final product into the market, I went through many changes and training. Of course, the same is still continuing. A small introduction follows.


Edumind Solutions consists of an extremely empathetic team dedicated to facilitate people in improving their lives. We take pride in our training and believe that people sometimes limit their own progress by building barriers and self-defeating prophecies. We enjoy assisting them to successfully overcome such limitations.


The emphasis of our training is on self-assessment, thought provoking exercises and a better future direction through various visualization and training techniques.


Based on the various organizational behavior and work habits of participants we design the workshops. We have a special R & D team for the same.


Our conviction with regard to potential in every human being to excel beyond his imagination is very strong. It forms the basis of our training .The key to success is the belief in themselves. We evoke a positive self-response within individuals so that they start believing in their own capabilities. It gives us immense pleasure to witness our audiences' paradigm shift during and after the workshops.