Man has physic and spirit. What distinguish between living human and the dead one is the spirit (energy) existing in his/her body. As long as the energy is there, the man will still alive, Similarly,human brain, it doesn't only have physic but also energy (wave). This is called a brainwave. Mid brain is between left and right brain dominance for the device, the bridge is also key to open the subconscious. Between the dominant, if midbrain can be inspired,that can balance each other left and right brain, communication inside and outside, high-quality guide to the logical left brain and right brain images of memory and benefit from it.


Professor Dejene Stwart's article in United States Current Biology magazine, of May 2010 Issue of Scientific American , has stated in detail the entire experiment's research development on Midbrain. After the "midbrain" inspired, leads to the function of the third eye ,can be able to see things with blindfolded, to left the humanity have "the blind vision", is precisely pineal body function result Pineal imagination can be turned into a nerve impulse reaches the hypothalamus. Then,these signals as nerve into the retina, the retina giving rise to a virtual image and at the same time, the brain's visual cortex of the image passed in the form of nerve impulses to continue to generate awareness.


Improves Concentration And Memory:

During The Workshop, Children,s Brain Remain in The Stage of High Concentration As They Perform Activities By Closing Eyes. So Due To Continuous Practice Of Focusing, The Concentration Level And Memory Power Would Naturally Be Improves.

Improves Creativity And Imagination:

In The Workshop, The Imagination, Visualization And Creativity Abilities Have Been Exercised . So It Can Inspire Children's Imagery Ability And Make The Image To Be Seen In The Brain To Be More Clearly And Vividly.

Improves Children's self-confidence:

When the potential of brain starts to function, children would build self-confidence and they would never be afraid of learning new knowledge or facing new challenges.

Improves Children's Learning efficiency and communications:

The Brain is integrated after the workshop and the extra sensory perception ability will balance the left and right brain hemispheres, this will result into effective communication between both inside and outside of the brain, the efficiency of accessing information and processing information in high speed will multiply, thus improving children's learning efficiency and communications.

Improves emotional stability and interpersonal relationship:

Frequent training and practice will enhance the information communication between the left and right brain, which makes logical thinking and affective thinking more balanced which gradually will help to change children's emotions like anger, fear, frustration and such other behavior pattern , resulting in better interpersonal relationship with their parents, siblings and friends.

Enhance children's intuition and understanding:

Through the workshop children will be able to open inner heart. they will not use their eyes to observe, but will also use their heart to feel. This kind of sensory perception of subtle changes in the form of thinking, emotion, time and space. If this kind of sensory perception is enhanced and used constantly, it would help improve children's intuition and understanding.

Improve overall Academic Results & Study Performance:

All above benefits would definitely make children getting good academic results, they can prepare for exam with high concentration and in a focused way, with high concentration and in a focused way, with an increased memory power, they appear in exam with high confidence which ultimately results in better grades.


Through play and fun, Breathing Exercise, Brain Gym, Brain Exercise, Visualization Technique, Concentration Exercise, your kid,s brain will be more relaxed, and feel more secured with the environment they are in. Under this excellence state, they response better to our proprietary sound wave.


Duration :2 Days(6 Hrs/Day) + 12 Hrs Follow up Session 2 Hrs/Week


For the Age group of 4 year to 14 year children because of their Easy ways of adapting new things and learning.