Multiple Intelligence

The Theory of Multiple Intelligence can play a critical improtant role in the education of gifted children because it redefines the way children are taught and it challanges previously held view of the concept of human intelligence. IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Testing serves only as quantitative tool of measurement and these scores cannot wholly reflect the qualitative aspects of intelligence, hereby different clusters of "intelligences" are evident in each child.

Dr. Howard Gardner introduced in his book FRAMES of MIND, that man has at least eight intelligences. There are 8 types of Multiple intelligences - Logical, Linguistic, Intra PErsonal, Inter Personal, Kinesthetic, Visual, Musical, Naturalistic. Whose presence and percentage in the brain differs from person to person.

In today's time and age we all believe in customization. If we go to gym, our workout is moulded on the basis of our body composition and the desired result. Well, the same applies to our brain too. By understanding the type of intelligence one possess, one can design and customize their depending on it.

In our Workshop we offer in depth knowledge of "Multiple Intelligence"

Workshop Duration : One Day (6 Hrs.)
For Students, Teachers, Parents, Corporates